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I'm Bala

I believe the right word can solve any problem
A Little Bit about Me

I’m an engineer-turned-writer who discovered(rather late) that writing words is a lot more fun than writing code. What started out as afling. afvor to a frienddoing one opinion piece in a university daily, has ended up a passionate, long-term relationship spanning over a decade. I’ve always been passionate about language.

I have no special talents.
I am only passionately curious.

This passion led me into trying tomake a career out of writing. I’ve worked my way through various writing roles as my career progressed. I started with writing marketing and ad copy, then moved onto being a technical writer for over half a decade, and eventually ventured into content design, And now, I feel like I’m home. Everyday is a great exprience and a new learning

When I’m not writing copy, I enjoy the outdoors, playing badminton or training in martial arts, binge-watching movies or series, and sniffing out the best food around me. I love making friends, let’s connect!

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My philosophy has always centered around empathy. I’ve trained to put myself in the user’s shoes and write for them. Ultimately the
goal is to make somebody’s day better, through my words. Have a look at my portfolio and some of the problems I’ve tried to solve.


Need a deeper understanding of my experience and background? Have a look at my resume.

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